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Being absorbed in favorite things
Kawashima is crazy about cars.


Graduates of Chuo University are active in various fields. By knowing how they spent their school days, we students may be able to get some clues in making their college life more meaningful. The first alumnus Hakumon Herald features is Toyotomi Kawashima, aged 79.

Kawashima, who currently serves as vice president of the All Japan Student Automobile Association, is a passionate lover of cars. He gives his constant support to students as adviser to Chuo’s Automobile Club. He helped its women’s team win the championships and men’s team clinch third place at the intercollegiate speed races at Suzuka Circuit in 2017. He also supports Chuo students who wish to learn abroad as a member of “Hakumon 37 Kai”, a group formed by persons who graduated from the university in the 37th year of the Showa era (1962). Hakumon Herald interviewed an energetic Kawashima about how he spent his school days.

-How did you spend your school days?

Kawashima Well, I worked up a good sweat doing my automobile club activity while helping my family business of wholesaling sauce for yakisoba (pan-fried noodle) and okonomiyaki (thin pancake). In those days, our club members had to keep their cars in good shape before participating in races. So I devoted myself to such maintenance work, smeared in mud and grease all day long. Also, in response to the request by the university, we helped transport materials to Tama Campus, which was under construction at that time. I loved cars so much and found driving to remote places more pleasant than anything else. It was not long after the end of the war and it was not easy to get a driving license. Our automobile club was quite popular with as many as 180 members because they could get a license with the support of the university. I had a lot of difficulties putting our club members together as captain. But it is a pleasant memory now.

-Could you give some advice to Chuo students?

Kawashima I want you towork hard on what you like with full energy. If you do it in real earnest, you will definitely get a result. Whether it may be good or bad, you should be proud of it because it has resulted from your single-minded efforts. Four years at the university is short, but it is an important period that may greatly affect your future life. If you do something halfway, you don’t get your desired results. As long as you have chosen to join Chuo University, you should think a lot of things and do whatever you like in real earnest.

-Thank you.

(Written by Yuta Uchino)

◎好きなことに一生懸命に 自動車を愛する川島豊臣さん




川島 学生時代は家業である焼きそばやお好み焼きのソースの卸業を手伝いながら、自動車部でひたすら汗を流す日々でした。自動車レースに参加する際には自動車を学生が整備する必要があり、一日中泥だらけ油だらけになるなど、とにかく一生懸命部活動に打ち込んでいました。



川島 元気を忘れずに、何か好きなことに一生懸命に取り組んでほしいです。本気で取り組めば、必ず結果が出ます。良いものであっても悪いものであっても、それは一本気で取り組んだ結果として、誇ってよいものだと思います。大学4年間は短いけれども、その先の生き方に大きく影響を与える重要な期間です。中途半端では望む結果は得られないと思うので、せっかく中央大学に入学したのであれば、いろいろなことを考え、好きなことを本気で取り組んでほしいです。




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