Honesty is all-important in work and job hunting
Takanori Nakamura, life planner at Sony Life Insurance


Takanori Nakamura, 35, who graduated from Chuo University in 2005, served as a life planner at Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (at the time of this interview in June 2018) after his career at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. He is currently in charge of internal auditing. As a sales manager at Sony, he used to be engaged in recruiting and training life planners. Hakumon Herald asked him about his work and job hunting activities by students.

-What do you do as life planner?
Nakamura: Based on our knowledge and experiences, we offer life counseling and life designing (planning) services to our customers. When offering such services, we don’t pitch Sony Life insurance policies but start by checking with them if their existing policies suit their purposes. While doing so, we may advise them to take out our insurance. But we do not recommend them to do so when they find their existing insurances satisfactory. Also, we meet customers who have purchased our insurance policies each time their life plan changes for the purpose of reviewing their content. That way, our life planners try to get the trust of our customers as their counselor and associate with them over a long period.

-Is there anything you particularly care for when you do your job?

Nakamura: I make it a rule to talk frankly about my own experiences and talk with my customers from the same viewpoint. Many people may not need to have an insurance policy right now. They don’t feel it necessary to take out an insurance though they may be prepared to listen to us. So it is important for us to let our customers think seriously about their own life and find out the necessity of insurance by themselves. To that end, I think life planners need to stand in the position of their customers with honest feelings and think seriously about their life.

-What do you think is required of job-seeking students?

Nakamura: Well, that may overlap with what I keep in my mind. I think honesty is quite important in job hunting. Finding a job is not the goal but the start of a long association with the employer and students better than others cannot always get a job in a company of their choice. It is more important for students to make it sure that what they value is identical with the policy of their employer. Therefore, I think what is most important for you is to know yourselves by faithfully looking back on what you like, what you cannot concede to others and what you have done to please the people around you.

-Lastly, can you give some advice to job-hunting Chuo University students?

Nakamura: I love Chuo students. Many of them study hard and I feel inclined to work with them. Some of them may have a complex, feeling that “I have failed to enter my first-choice university”. On the other hand, however, it is also true that many corporate people like me have a positive impression about Chuo students. I think they should frankly present themselves with confidence.

-Thank you very much.

(Interviewed by: Yuta Uchino)



中村 知識と経験をもとにお客さまの人生相談と生活設計(ライフプランニング)を行います。そのため、無理にソニー生命の保険をお勧めすることはせず、お客さまの加入している保険がご本人に合っているものかを一緒に確認することから始めます。その中で、ソニー生命の保険をお勧めすることもありますが、すでに加入している保険が合っているお客さまにはお勧めしないという選択をします。また、保険にご加入いただいたお客さまにもライフプランの変化のたびにお会いし、保険の内容を見直すということもします。このように、お客さまの人生の相談相手として信頼を得て、長くお付き合いしていくのがライフプランナーです。


中村 自分自身の経験を素直に語り、同じ立場でお客さまと話すことを心掛けています。多くの人にとって保険は今すぐに必要なものではないため、話を聞く許容性はあっても必要性を感じていません。そこで、お客さまに真剣に人生について考えていただき、保険につ いてご自身で必要性を見出していただくことが大切になります。そのためにはライフプランナーも素直な気持ちでお客さまの立場になって、真剣にお客さまの人生を考える必要があると思います。


中村 私の心掛けていることと重なりますが、就職活動においても素直さが大切であると思います。就職はゴールではなく長いお付き合いのスタートなので、他人よりも優秀であれば必ず希望する会社に就職できるというわけではありません。それよりも、自分自身の大切にしていることとその会社の方針が合っていることが重要になります。そのため、自分の好きなことや譲れないこと、周りの人から喜ばれたことなどを素直に振り返り、自分を知っておくことがなによりも大事になると考えています。


中村 私は、中大生が大好きです。素直に頑張っていて、一緒に働きたいと思える人が多いと感じています。中大生のなかには、「第一志望の大学ではなかった」などのコンプレックスを持っている人もいるかもしれません。しかし、一方で多くの企業の人が私と同じように中大生に対して好印象を持っているのも事実です。そのため、自信をもって素直な自分を伝えていただければよいと思います。



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