Preparing for global lack of protein Spirulina touted as king of superfoods 世界のタンパク質危機に備える スーパーフードの王様〝スピルリナ″とは


Along with spirulina, chia seeds, quinoa and acai have also become familiar with Japanese as superfoods in recent years. These have a high nutrition value and people enjoy eating them with yogurt as healthy sweets. They are particularly popular among young women because of their instagrammability.


A consumer behavior survey released by Japan Finance Corporation, one of governmental financial institutions, shows that a growing number of Japanese people think a lot about health-conscious food as compared to 10 years ago. This trend is seen not only among young women but also both males and females of all ages, indicating that the demand for superfoods like spirulina will surely keep rising in the future.
(Witten by: Mika Yamamoto)



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