Companies want to hire SNS-competent personnel 企業が求めるSNS人材


On October 14 last year, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun carried an article saying that a growing number of companies in the fashion industry hire individual influencers who have a better ability to send out their massages on SNS. The article drew much attention among job-seeking students. Indicative of the trend, fashion mail-order company CROOZ, Inc. held an event in March this year where only job seekers with more than 1,000 SNS followers were allowed to take part. Now, more students are increasingly aware of the importance of SNS in job hunting.

The employment of influencers is one of typical examples that illustrates the importance of SNS in job hunting. An influencer here means a person who may have a major impact on consumers’ decision to buy goods. In this new style of employment, applicants whose number of followers and message contents on SNS meet the requirements of a company are given precedence. This method is particularly popular in the fashion industry. In the case of OWNDAYS Co., a nation-wide optician’s shop chain, hired influencers get assigned a special role of publicizing the charm of products and shop atmosphere on their SNS accounts while working as salespersons.

The company requires job seekers who want to be an influencer to have more than 1,500 followers on their Twitter or Instagram blog. In ordinary selection, applicants need to go through many steps from entry, company briefing session, document screening and preliminary interview to paper test and final interview before getting an informal job offer. However, applicants in the influencer category can do without the steps from entry to paper test. They can get an informal job offer when they clear the final interview. Moreover, they are given an extra monthly allowance of 50,000 yen in addition to their regular pay.

Referring to his firm’s employment of influencers, Shuji Tanaka, president of OWNDAYS, wrote on his blog on March 13, “We expect them to send out diversified information about our company directly to consumers so that they can deepen their understanding and knowledge of our brand.”

In the future, the recruitment of influencers may be opted not only by the fashion industry but by a wider variety of other companies.

In the future, the recruitment of influencers may be opted not only by the fashion industry but by a wider variety of other companies.







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