Stella Lou quickly gains popularity


A girl rabbit Stella Lou was born at Tokyo DisneySea in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, in March this year as a new friend to Disney character Duffy. Only six months later in September, she came fourth after Duffy, outstripping once-popular Hello Kitty and Snoopy, according to the “Ranking of Soft Toys” released by a company.

What kind of character is Stella Lou? To begin with, Duffy the Disney Bear, born in 2005, already had Shellie May (another bear born in 2010) and Gelatoni (a cat born in 2014) among his friends. Stella Lou has now joined them. Here is how she was born.

When Stella Lou was practicing dancing one day, she met Duffy and told him that she had a dream to be a dancer. Duffy had thought dreams were something one would see only while asleep. But she taught him that wising to be a dancer someday is also a dream. Then, Duffy wished to support her and they became friends. Lavender-colored Stella Lou, with lovely ears and eyes shining like stars, is a girl who dreams of becoming a Broadway dancer. Her existence lets him know how splendid it is to dream a dream.

According to an online news site, one of the reasons for the popularity of Duffy’s friends including Stella Lou is that their owners can dress them in favorite costumes and that they are available only at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. Yuka Ishihara, an employee of Oriental Land Co. that runs DisneySea, planned a ceremony featuring the debut of Stella Lou. She said, “We cherish the story about each of our characters and we value their individualities.” As she says, the story about Stella Lou seems to be well put together.

Stella Lou has won popularity in shows and as character goods so quickly after her debut. It is indeed interesting to see how she will do in the future.

(Written by: Yui Tomori)






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