A restaurant run by a Chuo student greets 3rd year 3年目迎えた現役中大生が運営するレストラン ―学生たちの交流の場に定着―

A two-minute walk from the closest monorail station to Chuo University brings you to a restaurant. “Terranch” was opened two years ago mainly for students by Yuki Matstumoto when he was a first grader of Chuo’s Faculty of Commerce. Hakumon Herald interviewed the owner of the restaurant about how he started up his business and what he plans to do with it in the future.


Soon after he entered Chuo, Matsumoto worked as an intern for Nojima Corp., a major consumer electronics retail chain founded and run by Hiroshi Nojima, a graduate of Chuo University. There he met people with strong individuality and that motivated him to open his own restaurant. He acted with a sense of speed. In fact, it was only after a few months of preparation that he accomplished his purpose. Matsumoto said, “I thought if I didn’t act while I was a first grader, I wouldn’t act at all later on.”


He named his restaurant after a person called Teramoto whom he got acquainted with during his internship. His friends often said, “Let’s go to Teramotonchi (meaning Teramoto’s house).” That was why Matsumoto decided to call his shop “Terranch” for short.


Customers who frequent the restaurant are mostly students. Among them are a unique one who likes to act as a magician, another who does palm reading and many others who are keen about their job hunting. Matsumoto found it hard to retain customers in his first year of business. “Now I rarely have hard times,” he said. He added he finds his job worthwhile particularly when he sees a student say “As compared to eating elsewhere alone, I feel easier to dine here with people who sit around me to listen to me” or when he sees customers hit it off with each other and decide to start up a new student club.


Terranch Owner Yuki Matsumoto
Terranch Owner Yuki Matsumoto
Terranchi, now in its third year, is at a major turning point, however. Matsumoto has been running the restaurant with a partner, one of his friends, since its start-up. He said he is having difficulties finding a person who will take it over. He and his partner are planning to hand it over to anyone who is “keenly interested” in doing the business. However, they are worried if they can find a person who will keep it properly.


Terranchi has helped many people get together. It may remain a place where students can meet with each other to become friends. Let us hope that the restaurant which Matsumoto has elaborately nurtured will continue to play its role.

(Written by: Chika Sato)


About the restaurant

Name: Terranchi

Location: First floor, Gobankangakuentoshi Dragon Mansion 228 Higashi-Nakano Hachioji, Tokyo

Open for business: 18:00 to 22:30

Closed: Wednesdays

Number of seats: 10 (all non-smoking)

*Up to 25 seats are available on special occasions such as a welcome party for newcomers



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